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Tom has been practicing carving tuition with a wide range of people both in the course of his work and in creative sessions for the last ten years. In this time he has established a strong understanding of both the challenges and benefits of teaching the skills required to work with stone. Using a variety of techniques for all abilities, we can show you how to not only connect with your hidden talents but also how to produce something beautiful that will truly last and be a testament to what you've learned. We find that learning to carve often has a massive effect on people's confidence and self esteem, as well as opening up new ways of looking at an artistic problem or concept.





We will be tailoring our classes to individuals this year, so get in touch to discuss your needs.


In the meantime, here is a list of some of the things we can teach;


1) Raised and V-cut lettering (includes how to polish, colour and finish your piece)


2) Low relief carving including surface embellishments such as sunken panels, textured finishes and traditional details


3) Three dimensional sculpture: using limestone to establish the basics of 3d work such as using maquettes, removing bulk with power and hand tools, fine shaping and finishing.



We are linking up with other craftspeople in the area such as

to provide other exiting classes over this year, so watch this space....

Hi! I'm Tom and I'm teaching a full range of carving lessons in and near Cambridge. After fifteen years in the industry, I'm bringing all the skills needed to carve stone to the public in a variety of day and evening workshops.


I can tailor classes and times to your requirements whatever and whenever they are. Please get in touch via the website, email,  ([email protected]) or on my mobile, 07526603744, or my landline 01353668256.


The next course is set for the weekend of the 6-9th of November 2020,


"Thank you for a wonderful day of stone carving, delicious lunch and lots of good stories. All the best with the new projects." -Melanie Hey, BA(Cantab) BArch(Bath) RIBA


"Thanks for the great day, learning a new art form that stretches back so far!"  - Lucio Foglia, BA[Hons] Dip Arch.


"Brilliant. Learned a lot. I will look at masonry with different eyes from now on the nuances in the skill and craft are endless. It's also great that all you need is a hammer, a chisel and piece of stone. I look foward to finishing my first project." - Robert Balm


"Hours flashed by to the relaxing sound of tapping mallets on chisels. Surprising how quickly learn many basic techniques and eager to do more. Body aches so so physically memorable too. Splendid day. so good to handle real material in creative way. Many thanks." Jon Tollit  

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Upcoming Courses

Terms And Conditions


Full payment must be received before the date of the first lesson.


If the course or a lesson is cancelled by Tom then students will be notified as quickly as possible.  If it is not possible to reschedule then a full refund will be given for the missed session(s).


Cancellations for whatever reasons on the part of the student are non-refundable, however, a substitution for another student to attend on your behalf would be acceptable.


Non-attendance of classes due to illness, or for personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds.


Please be aware that all students attending courses are expected to provide their own safety footwear.  Safety glasses are provided and are to be worn at all times.  Each course will commence with a health and safety briefing.  It is to be noted that students are thereby responsible for their own safety and ensuring that this training is adhered to – we accept no responsibility for any injury caused by unsafe practice.

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