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The process of commissioning a sculpture can be an opportunity to mark a special occaision in a lasting and deeply personal way. Here is how Tom helped one client to design a piece to commemorate a landmark birthday. The cost was funded by the client's family members.


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Initial consultation


Over coffee, the client explained her ideas, specifying that she wanted an abstract form, but didn't know how to give it drama. She talked about her ideas and sketched a very simple lopsided curved form. The location,size and orientation of the planned sculpture were discussed.  After further conversation a series of refinements and contours were added to the basic shape, producing a much more complex shape that was designed to have curved surfaces that would react interestingly as the sun moved around the location during the day, casting differing shadows.  Samples of different stones and textures were agreed on, and the concept was considered advanced enough to move on to a maquette.



The maquette (a miniature model of the finished piece) was made up using hand and power tools in about a day of carving. A small clay model was used for the rough design before the stone maquette was carved in order to identify any weaknesses, imbalances or structural problems with the design.




The Maquette was photographed and emailed to the client to confirm and comment on. With the form agreed on, the final piece could be carved, using the maquette as a guide for measurements.


curvefab4 curvefab5 Image147



Having completed the sculpture and liased with the client about the design of the plinth, the finished piece was polished, mounted and delivered to site. One happy customer!

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