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Bay Window Restoration

One of the most common buildings in Cambridge is the ubiquitous and charming victorian terrace. The stonework on these pretty houses can often fall prey to a wide range of mishaps, such as chemical staining, pollution build up, erosion or being painted with non-porous paints. The lettering can become faded or overpainted, and often the upper stonework and therefore the lead flashing can become loose or shift. Help is at hand!


We can bring even the most damaged stone features back to clean, well-finished stone. We can use a wide range of sensitive paint and patina removal techniques and even in extreme cases re-tool and re-finish all damaged or stained stone.  


Our techniques are based on a long-working knowledge of both the original techniques used to make the stonework in question and the latest heritage conservation techniques.

We can also provide a consultation service, explaining the causes and best remedies for any problem you may be having with your property.


Our services range from under £250 inc.VAT to re-cut and re-paint the lettering carved into the window heads or door arches, all the way up to complete refurbishment or replacement of the stonework where neccesary.  Each case is different, so get in touch by phone or email and we'll come out and give you a free, no obligation analysis and quote.











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